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Protecting our Environment
Fighting the war on waste


The State Budget includes important initiatives to protect Western Australia’s unique natural environment while creating opportunities for jobs and tourism.

The McGowan Labor Government is committed to reducing waste and has implemented key strategies including a ban on single-use plastic bags and a new Container Deposit Scheme which will improve recycling to reduce the significant impact on our environment.


  • $31 million for the Natural Resource Management Program
  • $9.3 million to implement the Pilbara Environmental Offsets Fund
  • $10.5 million to fast-track the creation of the Preston River to Ocean Regional Park and the Leschenault Regional Park in the Bunbury region
  • $2.5 million to protect the habitat of the endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo, by reducing the extent of pine plantation harvesting
  • Introducing a new, improved model for environmental regulation services and clearing permits, to grow the economy and create jobs
  • $80 million to enhance rural bushfire capacity across the State through the new Rural Fire Division


  • $16 million to continue the Aboriginal Rangers Program over the next four years, to provide jobs looking after State parks and protected areas
  • $10 million to better protect the Abrolhos Islands and create tourism and job opportunities
  • $8.6 million for the Regional Estuaries initiative
  • $8 million towards a Living Knowledge Centre at Murujuga National Park on the Burrup Peninsula
  • $3.6 million over four years for the Great Kimberley Marine Park
  • $3 million towards developing Lake Kepwari, near Collie, as a tourism precinct
  • $1 million towards the establishment of a park and reserve network encompassing the fringing coral reefs of the Buccaneer Archipelago, to protect the region’s outstanding natural and cultural values
  • $900,000 for community groups to carry out restoration works along the Swan and Canning Rivers
  • The consultation process is being undertaken to create Fitzroy River National Park to ensure long term health of the river and sustainable economic development


The State Budget includes $9.3 million to implement the Pilbara Environmental Offsets Fund

The Fund will receive contributions for strategic environmental initiatives to offset environmental impacts of clearing of vegetation and fauna from mining and other companies

The Pilbara Environmental Offset Fund allows for multiple offset payments from several companies to be combined to deliver larger conservation projects or expand successful initiatives

This approach enables strategic projects with much greater environmental benefits to be implemented, rather than multiple smaller activities that would otherwise occur

The Fund contributes to the sustainable development of the Pilbara while also protecting its unique biodiversity and environmental values


The State Budget includes $10.5 million to fast-track the creation of the Preston River to Ocean Regional Park and the Leschenault Regional Park in the Bunbury region.

  • The Preston River to Ocean Regional Park will create a continuous reserve of almost 900 hectares the south of Bunbury, west of the Preston River to the coast
  • The approved funding will also enable the Government to create the 2297-hectare Leschenault Regional Park, which will extend along the Collie and Brunswick rivers westwards across the Swan Coastal Plain
  • The new regional parks will ensure the protection of the areas’ biodiversity while maintaining and improving recreational, social and cultural values for the residents of Bunbury and surrounds


The McGowan Government is protecting the habitat of the endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo and has reduced the extent of harvesting in the Northern Gnangara, Pinjar and Yanchep pine plantations.

  • The State Budget includes $2.5 million funding to reduce the level of pine harvesting and ensure it can be sourced from other locations in the South-West to meet supply agreements with the timber industry
  • Harvesting will be reduced from a projected 2200 hectares to 500 hectares until June 2019 to reduce the impact of pine harvesting on the Swan Coastal Plain population of Carnaby’s cockatoo


Lightweight, single-use plastic shopping bags will be banned in Western Australia from July 1 2018

  • Plastic bags make up a relatively small portion of solid waste and litter but can significantly harm marine wildlife and birds which can inadvertently eat or become entangled in plastic bag waste
  • The State-wide ban will bring Western Australia into line with South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory
  • The McGowan Labor Government will continue to work with retailers and the community to make the transition to a plastic bag-free State as easy as possible


The McGowan Government’s Container Deposit Scheme is expected to begin in 2020.

  • The Scheme will offer consumers 10 cent refund when they return eligible bottles and cans to refund points across the State
  • As well as diverting waste from landfill, the scheme will boost employment and create hundreds of jobs at new container sorting and processing facilities, and refund points across metropolitan and regional Western Australia