Investing in frontline safety

In response to COVID‑19, the State Government has adjusted its fiscal strategy to solely focus on supporting the economy and creating WA jobs, rather than paying down the debt left by the previous Liberal National Government.

  • Despite reduced revenue as a result of COVID‑19, and additional expenditure to support the State’s recovery, the WA Budget remains in a surplus position, helping fully fund the WA Recovery Plan, to create jobs.
  • The lower operating surpluses and record infrastructure spend have increased the forecast level of net debt by $8.3 billion relative to the Mid‑year Review.
  • A general government operating surplus of $1.2 billion is now forecast for 2020‑21, down from the $2.7 billion surplus expected at the time of the Mid‑year Review.
  • Operating surpluses are also forecast in each of the outyears, although these too have been revised down substantially since the Mid‑year Review.
  • Surpluses have helped fully fund the WA Recovery Plan and the record infrastructure investment, providing a significant boost to the economy and local jobs.
Page reviewed 8th October 2020