Investing in housing and homelessness initiatives

Investing in housing and homelessness initiatives

The 2024-25 Budget delivers $1.1 billion for housing and homelessness, bringing total new investment since 2021-22 to $3.2 billion. This includes funding for social and affordable housing, and for homelessness services, expanding the capacity of the residential construction workforce, and boosting regional land supply.

Social and affordable housing

  • $400 million additional funding for the expanded Social and Affordable Housing Investment Fund, bringing the total number of new social homes to almost 5,000, with more than 2,100 already delivered.
  • Funding available to support affordable housing projects in partnership with the Commonwealth through Housing Australia funding and the community housing sector.
  • $179 million maintenance investment for WA’s 45,000 social homes, government worker housing and other assets.
  • $144 million to deliver new housing projects, including at Pier Street in Perth.


  • $92 million to support more than 120 critical homelessness services across the State, as well as wrap-around services for rough sleepers to transition into permanent accommodation.

Expanding construction sector workforce

  • $85 million to boost the capacity of our residential construction workforce, including:
  • $21 million for an additional 150 places to subsidise wages for new apprentices and trainees for Group Training Organisations.
  • $37 million to provide incentives to complete apprenticeships, including tool allowances and milestone payments.
  • $4 million to continue the Construction Migration Office to attract skilled migrants.

Affordability and rental supply

  • $82 million to increase the stamp duty exemption threshold for first home buyers to $450,000 and increase the concession threshold to $600,000, assisting almost 5,000 first home buyers per year, and increasing the total saving to up to $15,390 in stamp duty.
  • $5 million for $5,000 incentive payments to encourage owners of vacant homes to make them available on the rental market.

Page reviewed 9 May 2024